Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New iPad app allows users to click telescopic images


WASHINGTON: A new iPad app has been developed, which allows people to click telescope images of celestial objects the comfort of their couch. 

The app created by the online Slooh Space Camera allows people to command and control their robotic network of space cameras, Fox News reported. 

Slooh's professional telescopes click an image of the celestial object and provide user with a time, date and observatory-stamped photo that will be loaded into the digital skywatcher's personal app.

Slooh president Patrick Paolucci said in a statement that it starts out blank until a Slooh Space Camera is commanded. 

He said that the image taken is truly yours and not a picture that was clicked months or years earlier by some one else. 

The app is free to download, but costs 1.99 dollars to command a mission; it also contains info about various celestial objects that they can investigate on the interactive skyt.

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